Miscellaneous Code

Miscellaneous Code

wmatz (blog post) serves as an example methodology for calculating the weighted geometric median of 3D points. A variant of this code was used for locating RFID tags in 3D space from sensor data.

ode is a demo Flask app with simple geospatial querying.

codetest is a quick and dirty Flask app showcasing some very basic CRUD operations. It runs on both Python 2 and Python 3.

awsutils (PyPI) represents a grab bag of utilities that make life easier when working with amazon web services.

kmzgen is an ArcGIS geoprocessing service for creating custom Garmin maps (the KMZ variety) from ArcGIS tiled map services. It was written a few years ago for the Garmin distributor in Norway, GeoInsight.

shapemaker is an ArcGIS geoprocessing service that receives ArcGIS-flavored geojson, builds and zips a shapefile containing intersected features, and returns a URL. This was specific to a project, but has some useful examples of Python toolbox structure and other methods for writing clean-ish Python software.

osmbuildingextractor is a snippet for extracting building footprints from OSM data.