Miscellaneous Code

  • Calculating Weighted Geometric Median of 3D Points

    For a recent project I was asked to write some software to calculate weighted median centers for sets of related 3D points. There are several definitions that can be used to define exactly what median center means, and for this blog entry I am sharing a method known as the ...

  • Rendering Map Tiles with Mapnik

    In a previous blog entry I shared a map that displayed the GPS data collected from a run around White Rock Lake in Dallas, and today I intend to share some details on how that was accomplished.

    1. Handling Garmin FIT format

      To my surprise, my new super cool Garmin Forerunner ...

  • White Rock Lake

    I went running around White Rock Lake last weekend. This area is known as one of the nicer places to experience the outdoors in Dallas.

    It might be winter in the northern hemisphere, but the weather in this part of Texas is very irregular. At the time of running, it ...